Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners can burn and scar for life.

As much as 30 minutes after being unplugged, hair straighteners can still severly burn and permanently scar a child’s delicate skin. Hair straighteners can reach a temperature of 210 celsius or more – that’s as hot as a steam iron.  Thet can take a full 40 minutes to cool completly.

When straighteners are put aside or lefy on the floor just after use, that’s when children are most likely to be seriously burned if they pick them up or accidently stand on them.  Children’s skin is 15 times thinner than adults’, so any contact with hair straighteners while they’re cooling can inflict deep burns that could scar a child for life.

After use, switch them off, unplug and put them away to cool down.  Always keep straighteners and their cable out of the reach and sight of children. Ideally do not use in the same room as a child.

With the support from the Electrical Safety Council the SBCC in 2010 launched a national poster and leaflet campaign to raise awareness of the dangers associated with hair straighteners.

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