Annual Reports

Our Annual Financial Statement – Receipt & Payment Accounts report is submitted annually to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator [OSCR] .

The SBCC annual reporting period is 01 December to 30 November, the report must reach OSCR for verification annually no later than 31 August the following year.

Below you will find copies of the last 7 reports submitted to and verified by OSCR.

SBCC OSCR Report 2014 2015

SBCC OSCR Report 2015 2016 

SBCC OSCR Report 2016 2017

SBCC OSCR Report 2017 2018

SBCC OSCR Report 2018 2019  

SBCC OSCR Report 2019 2020 

SBCC OSCR Report 2020 2021


If you have any questions, require further information please email the Treasurer via