Families Weekend

Held at Netherurd House, Blyth Bridge, Peeblesshire, the weekend aims to pull together a number of key benefits to burn-injured children, their families and to the volunteers of the SBCC. The main aim of the weekend is to enable families of burn injured children to meet one another and share their experiences, within an informal therapeutic programme. It is hoped this will help the children who have been burned, and their families, to feel less isolated. In addition, because the focus is on the family unit as opposed to the burn injured child alone, the family will feel more supported and be able to develop important coping strategies for life after a burn.

Another aim of the weekend is with the family having a chance to spend a more focused and quality time together, thus to demonstrate some respite qualities of the programme.

Overall it is hoped that as a result of the weekend the programme supports parents/carers in coping with the stress that they encounter as a result of their child’s injury. In addition it will enable the volunteer staff of the SBCC, to have a greater understanding of the experiences of burn injured children and their families.

Picture Gallery – Take a look at a selection of pictures taken at the Families’ weekends.


Family Weekend: December 2020

We are hoping to hold our 9th Families weekend, in December 2020, we need to take into account all Covid-19 restrictions, therefore details have yet to be finalised.


Family Activity Weekend: May 2016

For a change a weekend was held at Ardentinny in May 2016, this was an opportunity for all family members to attend and attempt the activities that the 8-18 year old children enjoy during Summer Camp. It was also a great opportunity for ‘new’ families to meet others in relaxed surroundings.